The World of

RED Chronicles

The RED Chronicles is a continuously running animated web series produced entirely using Blender, an open-source tool for 3D modeling and animation.



40 years into the future, we are seeing the world in chaos, particularly in the western hemisphere. A new world order was established after the collapse of western society; now the global political realm is divided between East and West.

War is imminent; most countries cannot escape the economic chaos that followed a viral pandemic that killed millions and was found to have been lab-created for weapons of mass destruction and to control the health and well-being of the global population.

Red, a 16-year-old schoolgirl, was born just before the civil war in a Southeast Asian country. She and her brother were casualties of war. She witnessed tragedy after tragedy that ruined her country before deciding to join mercenaries and rebel alliances to fight back against the regime.

There’s no clear indication of which regimes are ruling the world; the people only know that those wrecking havoc on their peace must be eliminated.

These are small stories, as witnessed by RED.


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