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As part of the RED Chronicles series, I present to you the primary characters and protagonists of my upcoming animated short. The main character, RED, is a teenage schoolgirl of 16 years who, along with her brother, must witness the geopolitical annihilation of the world as he transitions to a humanoid form during the civil war.


The majority of the populace has been transformed into monstrous beings due to the ruling faction’s utilization of toxic gases and bioweapons in their fight against terrorists, resulting in the deaths of countless individuals and the conversion of the majority of the global population into living monsters.

After enduring a harrowing experience holed up in an underground subway station, RED united with the rebel forces in their quest to overthrow the ruling faction and bring about a restoration of life. Despite the challenges posed by a grueling, bloody fight, the rebels are bolstered by the support of the populace and indigenous communities.

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