RED Chronicle selected as nominee at MSI Creator Award 2022 in the film category

Well, yesterday was one of the happiest day for me. My personal animated film project got selected as finalist and nominee at MSI Creator Award 2022 in the film category.

I braved myself to enter the competition not knowing how people and especially the jury panel would react on the project. I’m actually new in 3D animation having learnt Blender for 5 months before ambitiously wanting to tackle of producing and animating a short movie, all by myself.

The project should be done with team of animators, however, I don’t know anyone that can deliver the vision that I have on RED, her character and the story that I wanted to make. So, with limited resources, newbie skills, I decided to embark and tackle the project alone, creating the model and animating each scene during my spare time.

The brief from MSI was very challenging to me, not only it has a theme to carry but the entire movie must be told in one (1) minute or less. Then I looked at my story and storyboard only to realize that the movie is about 10 minutes long, cannot use that for the competition I thought, what would I do?

Deadline is approaching to submit the movie and I was nowhere near completion, there are lots of rendering to do using my humble 2015 iMac that started to feel sluggish under enormous animation data. In all honesty, I decided to create a trailer instead and I’ve built one before but it was too short. The new trailer was editied using scenes that already rendered and has all of the basic outline of the story.

And that’s what I submitted in the end for the competition and thank God that I made it just in time.

Today, I’m still working on the movie and still slowly rendering each scene using existing system. I’m not using render farm at the moment as there are still trial and error on my workflow, maybe when I got more familiar with Blender and get my workflow together, render farm would be an immense help.

Please also VOTE for me at MSI Creator Award 2022 . Feel free to enjoy the movie trailer below of my up and coming animated short.

Second Trailer of RED Chronicle, episde one, DJAKARTA’98

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