mFish Indonesia

mFish Indonesia is all about helping traditional fishermen having equal access to information.

About the Project

mFish Indonesia is all about helping traditional fishermen get access to crucial information like catch details, market prices, potential catch locations, weather reports, and more. Working with the governments of Indonesia and the USA, mFish Indonesia uses real-time satellite data and cellular networks to provide this valuable info to underserved fishermen in Indonesia.

As the project owner and initiator, my job was to secure support from telecom companies, local government, and the Indonesian ministries of maritime and fisheries. I also had to ensure access to advanced weather and GPS satellites from both countries.

The program won XL Axiata numerous prestigious awards and gained new subscribers among the underserved in rural and coastal areas.

Up to date weather information accessible by fishers

The app and platform can save live data for fishers to use offline when they head out to the ocean

To keep costs down, the app can be easily installed on budget Android smartphones.

Intuitive user experience is important as most fishers are not digitally savvy

Fishers can access live and offline content during their ocean trips; from news, to music, and videos.

Fishermen can easily reach the closest fish market to sell their catch either right when they come ashore or if they’re within 20km of nearby telecom towers. Allowing them to sell their catch immediately.