Hyundai Motor Indonesia

Digital magazine publication for Hyundai Motor World Indonesia.


Hyundai Motor World Indonesia is one of the brand’s leading consumer retention service providing owners access to monthly information around their vehicle, and other Hyundai related news. The magazine struggled as printing as many as 5000 copies and distributing them took a long time. We suggested to create a digital native version alongside the conventional one, and it turned out to be a great hit among loyal customers.

Catalog of past magazines are made available to reader to choose from

The app was created with iPad in mind therefore it’s native to the platform

In the following year, the android tablet version is released. Yet, it had less features than the iOS

Each edition of the magazine is fully interactive. Users can drag, drop, highlight text to search, play video, audio and more

From writing to publishing, and distribution, the digital native only took less than 2 weeks compare to 4 weeks using conventional method.

Live and online advertising campaigns are easily inserted within the app making it always up to date.

Although Hyundai didn’t have its own online store, we were able to integrate its cross border merchandize and after market parts stores worldwide into the digital version

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