I love a good poetry whether it is written by well known poets or not, words in those poems often inspire my works and the way we look at life. The love for poetry drove me to create my second animation, although this one was published earlier than my first film, the creation process was seamless and faster, then again I was better prepared for it.

James Coupland, the author of this poem titled “Silent Witness” has provided plenty of ground on its own for a story, allowing my workflow to simply adjust to the each sentence from the poem itself. I created multiple scenes based on each paragraph and each depicting its own storyline that tell a bigger picture; a post apocalyptic event that took place in Jakarta years apart as it progresses from current to the chaotic future.

The premise is simple, you’ll never know what will happen in the future, you can only prepare yourself for any eventuality and possible changes, whether it’s for good or worse.

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