It has taken many months, more than 6 months to be exact, between work and life I finally got around to finalized my first animated short last week.

When I started this project the main driver was to learn Blender, an open source 3d software, and not just learning the tool but trying to enter the animation industry as well. I took many lessons, mostly online, both paid ones and freebies, eventually I crafted a story, produced the film, then edit and complete the post production as well, all by myself. Bit crazy right? Yes, I thought so myself too. How can a one man army produce an animated film? The tasks were hectic, not only I just got into the process of learning, I had to take crash course in animation, editing, VFX, and so much more.

I did the trailer first that eventually got me enlisted as top 3 animation during MSI Creative Challenge early this year, that reward fueled my ambition further to complete the short film before moving on to something else. Hopefully, this one will add to my personal creative portfolio.

Without further a do, please watch the film and share your thoughts about it, all critiques are welcome!

RUN a RED Chronicle
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