You may think that I have lots of time to spare that I have produced so many personal projects, well, it’s true and not to brag but I have the entire weekend and most evening outside my own career to do them.

This time I took one of my favorite but underused character, RED, and create another story around her taken from a poem by Maya Angelou titled “Life doesn’t frighten me” and “Summer Day”by Mary Oliver. The story line is quite simple I think; RED went on a walk looking for personal space to enjoy a drink when she encountered the only bar in this post apocalyptic landscape is populated by mercenaries and government agents. As personal space is more important than socializing, she starts to eliminate the competitors and crowd. Hence the film’s title, Ballet of Death.

For this project, I want to focus on the animation and story telling more than the objects that will be use, hence that I optimized a lot of ready made assets from various places and add-ons; sketchfab, mixamo, rokoko, kitbash3d, as well as urbaniac, and few of Ian Hubert’s free models in the film.

Also this time I want to improve my production work flow and scene consistency throughout, from lighting, environment, and world setting. Multi-cameras are heavily used as only one world was created in a single file, so blocking is important. Each camera has different focal length to emphasize actions, davinci resolve was utilize for editing and fixing bugs in the VFX department. Mist and fog were heavily implemented since the story is set in an apocalyptic distant future where everything is bleak.

I know that there is a long way to go before the final film is complete, however, I’ve managed to cut the first trailer and published it just a few days ago. Watch the trailer and please leave me with any comment that you’d think could improve the film or the techniques being used.

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