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Indonesia is gearing up for a pivotal joint election in February 2024, where the nation will elect its next president, members of the national house of parliament, and local political representatives a.k.a. senators. Interestingly, my lovely wife is vying for the local senator position in West Java, representing the Partai Solidaritas Indonesia (Indonesia Solidarity Party) for the Purwakarta district.

Given my design background, she naturally turned to me to help serve as her campaign strategist. And being a newcomer to the political marketing arena, I am both honored and bewildered. The confusion stems from the intricate regulations set forth by the governing body, compounded by the abundance of misinformation regarding the party’s purported guidance and the true intent of the regulator. Additionally, the time constraints set by the regulator are quite stringent, allowing for political campaigns to run between the end of November to the first week of February, a mere month and a half.

Despite my wife’s extensive corporate experience, she faces distinct challenges within the party that she representing. The pervasive misinformation and diverse opinions on the party’s objectives, coupled with a mid-campaign change in party leadership, have further complicated matters. Nevertheless, she has firmly believed in herself and her goals for the people of Purwakarta.

Focusing on my supposedly role of as a professional campaign manager, my primary focus lies in cultivating my wife’s rapport and devising various offline campaign strategies for her interactions with constituents. Given the tight budget, I have leveraged social media to bolster her reputation, employing my acquired 3D skills to design calendars, posters, banners, and social media content, along with creating numerous videos. Essentially, I have assumed the responsibilities akin to those of an advertising agency, albeit with minimal assistance from my son when he is not engrossed in his studies.

Below, you will find examples of the work I have produced, the majority of which were expedited due to the stringent timeline. Here’s hoping that she emerges victoriously with flying colors.

The Campaign Videos

OOH Materials

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