Surprised? Absolutely! We were ecstatic that the first trailer of our animated series, RED Chronicle got enlisted by the jury as top finalist for film category at 2022 MSI Creator Award.

What really surprised us was that I just passed 4 months of learning Blender and just entered the first week in learning Unreal Engine, so the animation were choppy in most parts and the characters are yet fully developed. My wife insisted that we enter the competition to see how audience would response towards the film, and apparently they took a big liking to it.

It was a pretty tense moment during the award ceremony as our film got nominated as finalist, even though we didn’t win the award for best film category, but it gave us the boost we needed to continue the project.

What’s next then? RED Chronicles are still running and each episode despite slow to produce is turning up quite frequent on YouTube with shorts that we posted across Instagram and TikTok as well. With the second up coming project, Abandoned, RED and her humanoid companion can also be seen on the new series too, as both Abandoned and RED Chronicles are intertwine in some of their stories.

For 2024? More RED Chronicle’s episodes and perhaps joining another competition such as MSI Creator Awards 2024, who knows what the future will bring? One thing for sure there will be changes, at least with me it would be my almost second year learning 3d animation, Blender and hopefully having a powerful enough computer to render in Unreal Engine.