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January 2019

Proven: Using the Right Data for Sustainability

This relates to my previous post on mFish and how the project came about. Although I’m not going through too much details, at least the presentation would provide some understanding why data collection in the digital age and in particular the “Right Data” collected are important towards world sustainability. Although the title is leaning towards…

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Inventing the Future of Digital Marketing

I closed 2015 with this deck that was presented during MIX Magazine annual marketing gathering as I took a new role at Axiata. The deck was a summary of what I knew, learnt, collected, curated and actually used for more than a decade doing digital marketing. In principle I was trying to explain on how…

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Best practices in Mobile Advertising

Wrote and presented this deck a few years back while in XL Axiata and during SES Jakarta 2014 Conference. The presentation summed up proven processes and business practices done during my time as mobile advertising expert (2003-2016) prior my migration to the financial sector and retail industry. However, mobile advertising is still the medium that…

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