Mistake! What happened, what went wrong and where did they go?

Running a startup is not easy, so does operating a company especially one of your own is really hard. You’ve spent hours, days and months revising, tweaking and loosing sleep just to get your ideas off the ground. Your family were ignored for months and if you’re single then you’ve missed many parties just to prove yourself and anyone else that you have something going. And you did at least within those period where you maxed out credit cards limit just to pay cloud hosting service.

Then for some of you the business started to look good, small revenue is generated, your server starting to pays itself and you have some left over at least to pay-off bills and grab beers with friends. The light at the end of the tunnel seems closer now.

Your sent press releases were lapped by the media, they loved your product, beta tester praised your idea and users showed their thumbs at your UX. Progress is good, you iterate quickly and swiftly. You got invited to startup community gathering, you befriended many, laughed with strangers, told nightmare tales of building company, you are part of the crowd now, you rock!

Then your startup got picked by directory such as this one, you were put on Stagefor everyone to see and try your service. Your startup even passed the review and everything look positive, the road suddenly become less bumpy, the path is set, you are all geared to meet your first VC, you are ready for valuation and hopefully new cash to grow.

Then, out of the blue you went AWOL!

Your site suddenly went cold or Microsoft Windows term, you’ve gone “blue screen”! Alas, your mobile app still accessible, you app is still present in app stores but your customer service went blue. We lost you and we can’t find you…

We thought and liked your ideas, the renting platform for everyone to borrow instead of buying. Your social impact program that help dairies while helping mom to feed healthy drink dailies. We thought those ideas are simply arousing (to put it mildly) and simple enough to earn tractions for your business to flourish and yet both are gone. We couldn’t find ways to confirm with you since we can’t reach you anymore…

We hope both* of you are okay and well, perhaps you both found investors or someone who truly understood the business you are both creating. We only hope for the best for the both of you.

*) Opinion written and expressed to the lost startups of Sharecietyand LactoFresh, both were published and featured right here on Stage and now they’ve gone. Both listings have been taken down to avoid misconceptions.