AdCoin, a silicon valley startup in engagement driven and performance based digital advertising platform has just appointed Unjukin Labs through its founder, Herwinto Ch. Sutantyo as Indonesia’s sole sales representative. The company coined itself as the first and the only ad technology that enables cashless micro-transactions & verified measurable brand messaging through positive digital engagements. AdCoin selected Unjukin Labs for its founding members capabilities and years of experiences in the digital advertising sector. The agreement took place on April 12th 2016 and was conducted through Anthill Ventures.

With offices in Kuala Lumpur, Los Angeles and San Fransisco, AdCoin is set to completely unlock the way we do digital advertising through attention based currency.

adcoin-logo“We are excited to have AdCoin onboard as our first international partner in digital advertising. AdCoin’s advance yet simplistic platform should bring fresh changes that are needed in the digital advertising today especially in Indonesia with clear message to advertisers, that is to return back to basics; reevaluate target audience, determine what works and what nots, re-prioritise and just be smart. This self-service platform is well designed, sophisticated and yet simple to use even for novice. I believe that AdCoin will come out as winner among existing programmatic platforms available to Indonesian advertisers today” stated by Herwinto.

For more information on AdCoin and how it can ease your advertising campaigns and gain better tractions, do drop us a mail.